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of the international research project
Frieden braucht Mut  
in Lviv, Ukraine 7-11.12.2006



Topic of research                II World War

Objective                           understanding of the global essence of the human being



(objects of research)                    1. Metropolitan Andrej Sheptyckyj (1865 1944);
                                                     2. Academic Ihor Jukhnovskyj (b. 1925).


Participants                          1. Kleines privates Lehrinstitut Derksen (Munich, Germany)  co-ordinator E. Wolf
                                          2. Zespl Szkl Spolecznych im. Hetmana Jana Zamoyskiego (Krasnystaw, Poland) co-ordinator E. Triuminska
                                          3. Lviv Ukrainian Private Gymnasium (Lviv, Ukraine)  co-ordinator H. Sofinska


Responsible teachers

staff of gymnasium                        N. Marko; N. Protsykevytch; W. Shumylo; O. Hablevytch; O. Klymash; A. Bowshek; Ja. Khimka; L. Mykhaltchenko; M. Desjatskova; M. Bilyj


7.12.2006 Peace needs fair

After having breakfast and little conversation German and Ukrainian groups began their work in the frames of the project by visiting of the historical places, which are the witnesses of the crimes during the II world war:

1. memorial place, where Lviv professors were shot (Sakharova str.; responsible D. Butyter, 10th  form);

2. monument to the victims of the Soviet terror (Bandery str.); prison (Lonskoho str.) responsible D. Butyter, 10th form);

3. place, where Ukrainian hostages were shot by fascists in 1941 (Doroshenka str.; responsible M. Kholodylo, 10th form);

4. prison Brygidky as a place, where a lot of Lviv citizens were shot in June 1941 (Horodotska str.; responsible D. Butyter, 10th form);

5. monument to ghettos victims (Tchornovola str.; responsible M. Kholodylo, 10th form);

6. memorial sign to the victims of the Soviet terror (Zamarstynivska str.; responsible Z. Tchajkivska, 10th  form).

In the afternoon began an official meeting in the Lviv city council.

There were presentations of the participants groups and officials, which opened the project.

Among them where the followings:

  1. N. Oksentchuk chief of the educational department of the Lviv city council;       
  2. H. Sofinska headmaster of the Lviv ukrainian private gymnasium;
  3. E. Wolf teacher of history in Kleines privates Lehrinstitut Derksen;
  4. Je. Hryniw head of the Lviv regional historical and educational organization Memorial named after V. Stus;
  5. S. Holubka candidate of economical science, head of the chair of the international economy at the Lviv institute of the economy and tourism.


                   8.12.2006  Peace needs charity

Meeting with researchers of the Ukrainian Catholic University, which was founded by Metropolitan Andrej Sheptyckyj, on the topic Andrej Sheptyckyj as a giant of the human spirit.

Participants took part in the conversation with A. Mykhajlek (Doctor of theology at the Ukrainian Catholic University) and S. Hurkina (co-worker of the Institute History of Church).

The topic of the research was connected with main dates of the personal and activity of the Sheptycki family and the most famous of them Metropolitan Andrej Sheptyckyj (conversation,
articles and video film).

Ukrainian group presents their researches:

      - students of the 11th  form:
. Ivanets Social and civil activity of the Andrej Sheptyckyj;
Kh. Ivantsiv Metropolitan Andrej Sheptyckyj and his influence on the formation of the of the youths consciousness;
U. Pokhodsjajeva Testing by life and death                                                           

     - students of the 10th  form:
S. Got Andrej Sheptyckyj and his contribution in the Lvivs development;
S. Zajtchenko Andrej Sheptyckyj and art school in Lviv;
N. Fedyshyn Metropolitan Andrej Sheptyckyj and Jewish people .

Although such students of the 8th  and 9th  forms as S. Halytska; P. Katcharaba; R. Kernytskyj ; R. Gedz; Ja. Korol; S. Rever and R. Tchytcherskyj  prepared and presented their interesting researches in the frames of the project.

Acquaintance with the personality of  Metropolitan Andrej Sheptyckyj was continued in the St. George Cathedral
There Sister Wolodymyra made an excursion in the capital place of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and spirit centre for the Lviv citizens, pearl of the classical architecture in Ukraine.
In the afternoon all participants visited the Univ Lavra (Peremyshljany distict), where they had interactive workshops Traces of the Sheptyckis family.                                      

Univ Lavra (Dormition Monastery of the Studite Order of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church) was chosen not by chance.

It was here in Univ during the II World War where priests and monks of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church were rescuing Jewish children from the flame of Holocaust, giving help to Ukrainian and Polish children.

They were doing it from the bottom of their heart, with the blessing and will of one of the Ukrainian nation ecclesiastical leaders in the 20th century Metropolitan Andrej Sheptytskyj and his brother Archimandrite Klimentij Sheptytskyj.

In the evening participants continued the cultural acquaintance with Lviv city by visiting the Lviv academic theatre of opera and ballet named after S. Krushelnytska and watching  the opera of  G.Verdi Rigoletto.


9.12.2006 Peace needs courage

In the morning was held a meeting with the witnesses of the II World War on the topic Dialogue of the generations: let preserve the memory of the heroes in the Institute of Condensed Matter Physics.

First of all there were a presentation of the video film about life of I. Jukhnovskyj , made by A. Protsykevytch (10th  form student).

There was a meeting with:
O. Ivankiv, chiefs assistant of the State committee Institute of the national memory
He represent the life and activity of the I. Jukhnovskyj as a hero of Ukraine and read a greetings letter of him to all participants of the project.

Ja. Hirnyk, secretary of the All-ukrainian veterans organization;
The topic of his interview caused his observations  and feelings as a witness of the II world war.

A. Kulykivskyj, soldier of the Ukrainian Insurrection Army
He stressed the will of the Ukrainian to get the independence and to struggle against the oppressors.   

L. Poljuha, soldier of the Ukrainian Insurrection Army, personal guardian of the General R. Shukhewytch
The key note of his interview was connected with special things of the foundation and activity of the Ukrainian Insurrection Army.

Ukrainian group presents their researches, which were dedicated to the global theme Preserve a memory of heroes:

      - student of the 11th  form:
S. Shpak First Ukrainian division Halytchyna.

      - students of the 10th  form:
M. Kholodylo Ghetto in Lviv city;
Z. Tchajkivska The map of fascists concentration camps;
A. Nitefor Lviv under the fascists oppression;
Ju. Hrab Lviv in the years of the II World War.

Although such students of the 8th  and 9th  forms as N. Woznjak; Ju. Djakuntchak; S. Kujbida; O. Lenkovskyj; W. Syrotjak and  K. Khrystosenko prepared and presented their interesting researches in the frames of the project.

In the afternoon all participants were divided into several groups, which main task was to prepare a collected information:

-  to produce the schemes and maps, dedicated to the settlement of the fascists concentration camps, places, where civil people were shot;

-  to produce the posters, dedicated the title and key note of the project;

-  to produce the newspaper about the projects activities and their results.

Workshops were held by such teachers of the Lviv ukrainian private gymnasium as I. Koval; O. Kosartchyn; Kh. Skljantchuk and Ja. Khimka.


10.12.2006 Peace needs wisdom


In the morning all participants made an excursion in the centre of Lviv city. The main task of this excursion was to make an acquaintance with the history and culture of the city and its central part, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and has many architectural wonders and treasures.

In the afternoon all participants presented the results of the ukrainian part of the project, played different integrative games (moderator S.Shpak, 11th form student), which were connected with such themes as Personality of Metropolitan Andrej Sheptytskyj;Lviv city and II World War, and watched a little performance, prepared by students of  Lviv ukrainian private gymnasium.

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